This time is different.

Gut-directed hypnotherapy has been shown to help people improve their Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms by up to 80%, with results maintained six months or longer.*
Step 1
Get started with an in-app assessment
If you are a candidate then we'll then create a personalized 6-week gut-directed hypnotherapy program based off your assessment.

After downloading the Nerva companion app, you'll answer a couple of quick questions to see if Nerva's IBS program is right for you.
Step 2
Start your program
Once you're ready to begin, you'll download the Nerva companion app to start your program.

During the next 6 weeks, you'll listen to relaxing hypnotherapy audio sessions designed specifically for improving Irritable Bowel Syndrome, based on the clinically proven approach.
Step 3
Rewire your gut-brain connection
As you progress through the weeks, you'll learn to use your subconscious and the gut-brain connection to change how your gut responds to food & stress.
Step 4
Maintain & feel better
After the 6-week core program you'll then move to the maintenance stage, where you can listen less frequently and only when you feel the need to (like during a flare-up).

Healthy gut. Healthy life.

Try the first week of the program for free and see the results for yourself.