Improve bloating, pain, diarrhea, wind & constipation without medication or changing what you eat. Nerva's gut-directed hypnotherapy program could help you manage and improve your IBS symptoms in weeks. Try it for free on iOS today.

Get relief from your IBS symptoms


"With Nerva I can eat the foods I love again without being too worried. It's amazing!"


"Halfway in and my symptoms have already improved dramatically which still blows my mind as I’ve had no luck with other IBS options in the past."

"I can now travel stress-free while not having to map out toilets or be worried about having an IBS flare up."


Take back control from IBS with Nerva

Dr. Simone Peters

Clinical Gut-Directed Hypnotherapist, PhD-Med

The only program developed by a world-leading expert in IBS

Dr Simone Peters created Nerva's Irritable Bowel Syndrome hypnotherapy program and has a PhD in gut-directed hypnotherapy. Dr Peters worked with Monash University to lead a clinical study into her hypnotherapy approach, which found it just as effective as a low FODMAP diet, with 71% reduction of symptoms. She used this exact protocol to create Nerva's IBS program.


Nerva's IBS Program

3-month gut-directed hypnotherapy program thats backed by science

Healthy gut tips & advice

Dozens of interactive articles, guides & animations

In-app chat support from real people

Streaks & tracking

When you eat high FODMAP (types of sugar) foods, they ferment in your gut, causing your gut to expand - the same for people without IBS. However, people with IBS often have hypersensitive nerves in their gut which send signals to their brain incorrectly warning of damage, causing symptoms.

Hypersensitive nerves

Hypnotherapy also can help reduce anxiety & stress, other common triggers of IBS symptoms, as well as increase the speed that food is digested. This means it's possible to eat 'trigger' foods without triggering a flare-up, reducing flare-ups in general.

Reduces other triggers

Change how your brain responds

During hypnotherapy, the practitioner provides suggestions for the control and normalisation of gastrointestinal function to the subconscious part of the mind. This then helps change how your subconscious reacts to these signals, reducing the physical symptoms like bloating, pain, diarrhea and constipation.

How does gut-directed hypnotherapy work?

Common Questions

Is it worth it?

For a fraction of the cost of one visit with a hypnotherapist or a dietician, Nerva gives you access to a 6-week hypnotherapy program developed by a world-leading expert, healthy gut tips & advice, dozens of articles and real person support - all designed to help you manage and improve your IBS symptoms.

How do I know if it will help?

Several well-controlled studies, including one by Dr Simone Peters with Monash University, have shown that gut-directed hypnotherapy can improve irritable bowel symptoms by 70-80% in the majority of people and these improvements are maintained in the long-term. Nerva's program is based on this same clinically proven protocol, allowing you to use the same techniques yourself to manage IBS symptoms.

How does gut-directed hypnotherapy compare?

According to a recent clinical study, gut-directed hypnotherapy is just as effective as a low FODMAP diet, without requiring diet change. This along with the fact that there are no known side effects of hypnotherapy make gut-directed hypnotherapy one of the best available symptom management options, although in-person hypnotherapy can cost 10x the price of Nerva and can mean months on a waiting list.

Get relief from your IBS symptoms

Try Nerva on iOS today

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